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Of Witches & Wolves

New Tales from Old Traditions

In a mix of original stories and reimagined classics, T.R. North weaves threads of old fairy tales into a new tapestry of unconventional happy endings. From the story of a headstrong girl who marries a bear, to the tale of a woodcarver, her transgender daughter, and a cursed prince, OF WITCHES & WOLVES delivers happy endings marked by transformation, practicality, and choice. At turns playfully sharp and quietly tender, this collection celebrates the stories we grew up with while exploring what they mean to us now.

About the Author

T.R. North was born and raised in Florida, which has been scientifically demonstrated to ruin a person for any other state.  Her short works in science fiction and fantasy can be found in numerous anthologies and journals, and now in this chapbook, which is the product of a lifelong love of fairy tales, myths, and folklore.  A long time ago, when the world was young, she earned a bachelor’s degree in classics from New College of Florida on the strength of a passion for history, mythology, and the strange blend of the two that passed for non-fiction in the ancient world.  She’s spent the years since haunting the cheapseats and backroads of southwest Florida, slowly accumulating interests and hobbies that can only distract from writing for so long before they start informing it.


We’re pretty into fairy tales.


Corvid Queen

A Journal of Feminist Fairy Tales

In this journal, feminist fairy tales reexamine pretty princesses and distressed damsels, spiteful stepmothers and wicked witches. They repurpose the ideas and imagery of traditional fairy tales in meaningful ways. They responsibly represent a wide range of cultures and identities, and they embrace complexity.

Most importantly, whether they are original stories or retellings of classics, whether they happen in real or fictional lands, whether they take place in historical eras or our modern time, they show us how to fight the dragons that wander our wild world. (After all, fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.)


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