Kith Issue 03


Second Breakfast

We believe that food has its own brand of magic.

Kith Issue 03: Second Breakfast is both a second start for our magazine and an homage to our favorite fantasy foods.


This issue features six new stories by emerging fantasy authors:

  • “Under the Pepper” by Heidi Donlan

  • “The 99th Annual Grand Bout” by Zoe Miller

  • “To Trap a Meal” by J W Bendall

  • “(No) Magic” by Mitch Collins

  • “Flying Faster” by Sierra Goldberg

  • “Salty Tea and the Sea” by Alex McCarron


The magazine is 8.5 x 5.5 and 28 pages long. It is assembled and bound by hand using waxed bookbinding thread, and the cover has a splash of hand-painted watercolors. This printing is limited, and each copy is numbered.

MagazineKayla Allen