Kith Issue 01


Sincerely Yours

This issue is the very first thing we ever published!

Kith Issue 01: Sincerely Yours showcases 19 beautiful pieces written by 17 people from all over the world. It contains letters to strangers, lovers, communities, family members, and people yet unborn; letters from people who have been wronged and people who have wronged others; letters that converse, confront, and console; letters in traditional form, poem form, and short story form. It explores not only what we say to each other, but also how we say it.


This issue features new work from Chloe MacPhee, Vanessa McCombs, Hayley Anderton, Michael Prihoda, Carly Gladstone, Victoria Erdel, Dawn Locke, Luana D'Angelo, Vanessa Reiser, Sammi Cox, Ana Prundaru, Florine Demailly, Punk-A-Cat, Ashley Nicole, Vianca Maldonado, Pip Freeman, and Agatha Scaggiante.


This issue had a limited print run in 2015. It had a blue cardstock cover with hand-painted watercolor details; each cover featured different colors and patterns.

MagazineKayla Allen