Cinders And Glass


Coming November 2019

In this collection of poems, Amanda Crum gives new voices to old stories, imagining folktales and fairy tales from alternative perspectives. CINDERS AND GLASS gives us Sleeping Beauty as told by a servant, Goldilocks as told by a mouse, Cinderella as told by the glass slipper. It shows us what Rapunzel does all day, how the woodsman feels about hunting Snow White, what Little Red Riding Hood thinks when she smells the wolf.

A letter from amanda

Dear Reader,

This tiny collection is a love letter to all the female characters who sacrificed something of themselves to give us the stories we grew up on. The witches, the princesses, the mothers, the cursed. These poems are not necessarily told from their point of view; we already know what Cinderella was thinking, but her glass slipper has never had a chance to tell us something new. With this mini chapbook, I want to challenge the way you think about fairy tales and film heroines, and maybe find something of them in yourself.


About the Author

Amanda Crum is a writer and artist whose work can be found in publications such as Eastern Iowa Review, Blue Moon Literary and Art Review, and Dark Eclipse, as well as in several anthologies. Her first chapbook of horror poetry, The Madness In Our Marrow, made the shortlist for a Bram Stoker Award nomination in 2015; her latest, Trailer Trash, will be published by Finishing Line Press in early 2019. She currently lives in Kentucky with her husband and two children.

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